Pallet Conveyor -Heavy Load Conveyor

Pallet carrier roller conveyors are used to transfer products on carrier equipment such as pallets or crates, with a load carrying capacity of approximately 1.5-2 tons.

Aluminum Air Shaft

Aluminum air shaft can be produced in different diameters and lengths. Air shafts inflated with 8 Bar air pressure ensure the compression of the coil with aluminum laths.

Aluminum Conveyor Systems

Aluminum conveyor systems are mostly manufactured with sigma profiles and equipment. Aluminum conveyor systems have many advantages. Lightweight construction, rustproof and demountable.

PVC Belt Conveyor Systems

PVC belt conveyor systems, conveyor production is made from green, blue, white and black PVC belts. PVC tape of different thicknesses can be used.

Injection Robot Conveyor

Thanks to the cabinet on the injection robot conveyor, occupational safety is ensured while the robot leaves the products taken from the injection to the conveyor, and the conveyor works and stops by receiving a signal from the injection machine.

Elevator Conveyors

Elevator conveyors; It has 2 different productions as Z Type elevator conveyor and L type elevator conveyor. Elevator conveyors are used to transfer products from bottom to top.

Plastic Injection Conveyors

Plastic injection conveyors are used as L-type elevator conveyor and Z-type elevator conveyor to take the products coming out of the injection machines and transfer them up.

Driven Roller Conveyor

Driven roller conveyors are conveyor systems consisting of motor-driven and rotating rollers. There are different drive roller conveyor systems such as sprocket roller, timing pulley roller, v-belt roller.

Idler Roller Conveyor

Idler Roller Conveyors are conveyor systems consisting of motorless, manually rotating rollers with bearings. Idler roller conveyors are manufactured from rollers with bearings or balls.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor systems, idler roller and drive roller, 2 different roller conveyors are produced.

What is Conveyor?

Conveyor systems are mechanical transport vehicles that move objects from one location to another, which are frequently used especially in production centers. Conveyors are particularly useful in applications involving the handling of heavy or bulky objects. The fact that conveyor systems move a wide variety of materials quickly and efficiently makes them very popular in the material handling and packaging industries. In addition, they are frequently found in automotive, plastic production, e-commerce, warehouse, white goods, etc. production and delivery lines. Many types of transport systems exist and are used according to the various needs of different industries.

What is an Air Shaft?

Air Shafts, thanks to the laths in the slots on the shafts of different diameters, after the air is supplied to the air shaft, the diameter of the air shaft is increased by 7-10 mm, thus ensuring that the coil is stuck on the shaft. As MB Shaft, we have production in different diameters.

What is Industrial Profile?

Sigma Profile (Aluminum Channel Profile) is an aluminum profile type that has replaced welded steel constructions with the advantages of its channel structure. Thanks to the demountable (modular) structure of Sigma Profile, desired parts and Sigma Profiles can be easily combined with ready-made fasteners and accessories.

Industrial Profile Manufacturer Company

Advantages of Being a Sigma Profile Manufacturer

Production Advantages of Plastic Injection Conveyors

Elevator conveyor systems that will be positioned parallel to or below the injection machines, ensure that the products coming out of the injection are transferred to the top.

What Are The Differences Between Conveyor Rollers?

In roller conveyor systems, there are many alternative types such as rubber coated rolls, polyurethane coated rolls, galvanized rolls etc.

How to Mount Coil with Air Shaft Systems?

Thanks to the pneumatic shaft systems, it is very possible to minimize the lost time in production, in the air operated system, coil-specific shafts

Chassis Manufacturing with Sigma Profile Systems

Due to the Sigma profile channel structure and due to the presence of many fasteners, any conceivable chassis can be manufactured, if you want to do this without the need for extra needs such as welding or post-painting, sigma profile is the best solution.